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9 Slice Scale

9 Slice Scale, an FxFactory plug-in from Monadnock Media, brings a powerful scaling technique familiar to users of Illustrator and Flash to users of After Effects and Motion, and with a limitation to Premiere and Final Cut Pro.*

9 Slice Scaling is a method of scaling an image while preserving the corners and edges of the image.

It works great for scaling rounded rectangles, picture frames, banners, arrows, and more.

The effect works by dividing its image into 9 sections:

  • The middle section scales horizontally and vertically.
  • The top and bottom sections scale horizontally only.
  • The left and right sections scale vertically only.
  • The 4 corners are preserved unscaled.

When you first apply the effect, the slice grid is visible by default. Use the border controls to define your sections. You can adjust the color and line weight of the grid if you have trouble seeing it.

Once your borders are defined, turn off the grid and use the scaling controls to scale your image.

The anchor drop-downs determine the fixed point from which the scaling occurs.



Use 9 Slice Scale to preserve important details when scaling:

Picture Frames




Speech Bubbles





View tutorials:

Final Cut Pro X

Premiere Pro



If you need to scale an image beyond the bounds of its original,
use the “Grow Bounds” control to grow the bounds of the image.

This control is only available to users of After Effects or Motion.

Due to technical limitations, Grow Bounds will only allow you to add
at most 1000 pixels around the image.

If you need more see below:

* To use 9 Slice Scale with Final Cut or Premiere, make sure your image is larger than needed. If you scale an image beyond its bounds, it will be cropped. You can open the image in Photoshop, or another image editor and increase the canvas size to give you more room to scale. If you increase the canvas size of an image to which 9 Slice is applied, you will need to re-adjust your borders to match.