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Visual Affects Plugins

When editing a complicated multimedia installation, we occasionally develop our own visual effects plugins to make our lives easier. These plugins are mac only, and work in Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Motion.


These plugins were built using the FxFactory platform and are available for purchase in the FxFactory store.

1 Matte Mask

We do a lot of projection-mapped shows here at Monadnock.
1 Matte Mask was created to make editing these shows easier.

1 Matte Mask makes it easy to place and reposition video into an unlimited number of customizable image areas.

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9 Slice Scale

9 slice scaling is a method commonly used in graphical user interfaces to scale an image while preserving the shape and size of its corners and edges. The web browser you are reading this in is probably using 9 slice scaling when you adjust its window size.

9 Slice Scale brings this powerful technique to the world of video editing and motion graphics.

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