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Arabian Horse Galleries

International Museum of the Horse

Lexington, KY

How do you convey the mystique of the Arabian horse?

Born of the desert, the Arabian horse developed adaptive physical characteristics that have influenced many other breeds. Arabians have have always excelled in competition, which is often depicted in story and myth. We developed a range of interactive and immersive components that showcase this remarkable breed.

Hilferty & Associates
8,000 sq. ft.

  • Media Master Planning
  • Media Design
  • Production
  • A/V System Design
  • Tech Systems Oversight
  • Installation

Featured Components

Bedouin Tent Stories

In a Bedouin tent, visitors touch a glowing urn to trigger sound and light shows based on myths and legends about the Arabian horse.

Discovery Oases

Kids enjoy games and adventures with their own Arabian horse in a series of five, linked interactive computer stations. They explore a Bedouin tent, follow the journey of their horse’s ancestor and compete in an endurance competition. A digital scrapbook page from their adventure can be created and emailed home.

Desert Entry

Visitors enter the Arabian Horse Galleries and walk through a wind-filled, desert “cave,” where silhouettes of galloping horses gracefully move across the rock walls. Further along the silhouettes transform into live-action footage of Arabian horses in the desert.