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FDR Presidential Library and Museum
Temporary Exhibits

2005 – Present

Hyde Park, NY

Monadnock Media has enjoyed an ongoing collaboration with the FDR Library for over a decade, designing and producing multimedia programs for their temporary exhibits. We are currently in production on an exhibit that examines the relationship between FDR and Winston Churchill.

FDR Presidential Library & Museum
3,000 sq. ft.

  • Media Master Planning
  • Media Design
  • Production
  • A/V System Design
  • Installation

Featured Exhibits

Day of Infamy:
FDR and America on December 7, 1941

The FDR Library commemorated the 75th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and America’s entry into World War II with a hard-hitting exhibit. Monadnock produced the multi-screen program, Remembering Pearl Harbor, which highlighted the far-reaching impact and enduring significance of that fateful day.

The Roosevelts:
A Photographic Journey

The highlight of this exhibit was the multi-screen program, Eleanor Remembers. The projection-mapped story featured archival interviews with Mrs. Roosevelt that offered a very personal perspective on a president who left no journals or memoirs.

Action and Action Now:
FDR's First 100 Days

FDR’s masterful use of the “new technology” of radio allowed him to communicate directly with the nation. FDR’s Conversation with America, an immersive theater program set in a Depression-era kitchen, showed how he inspired hope through his famous Fireside Chats.

Freedom from Fear:
FDR, Commander in Chief

Preparing for War, Hoping for Peace was the centerpiece of the Freedom from Fear exhibit. The theater, a period living room, transported visitors to this pivotal moment in history. As the President spoke over the radio preparing a reluctant nation for war, dramatic lighting effects brought the room to life and, on the wall, a framed painting transformed into a montage of photos and moving footage depicting the events that led to World War II.