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Mobile, AL

GulfQuest offers fun, interactive experiences that immerse visitors in the Gulf Coast’s maritime history, culture, and natural environment, and celebrate the region’s importance as a gateway to the world. Monadnock produced over 45 multimedia exhibits that range from interactive theaters and tables to intimate video stories of life in a port city.

Lyons/Zaremba Inc.
35,000 sq. ft.

  • Media Master Planning
  • Media Design
  • Production
  • A/V System Design
  • Tech Systems Oversight
  • Installation

Featured Components

Port of Victory Theater

Using theatrical lighting, surround sound, and fog effects, this multimedia theater showcases the history of the Port of Mobile during World War II, highlighting the contributions of the shipbuilding and shipping industries in the war effort.

Deep Explorer

Diving into the depths of the Gulf of Mexico in a virtual submersible, visitors experience the mysteries of the sea – from shipwrecks to coral reefs to bioluminescent creatures.

GulfQuest Theater

A three-screen, immersive theater explores the rich maritime history and culture of the Gulf of Mexico and Mobile Bay. A tapestry of panoramic images and local voices poignantly captures what it’s like to live and work on the Gulf Coast.

Great Gulf Challenge

This multi-player game encourages visitors to try to bring the Gulf of Mexico’s environment, economy, and energy into balance.

Pelican Girls

Ghosts of two French women mysteriously appear in a mirror and tell of their ill-fated voyage from Paris to Mobile in 1704 when they were brought over as prospective brides for the French-Canadian settlers. Lighting and fog effects enhance the other worldly ambience of this recreated 19th-century room.

Take the Helm

When visitors take the controls of this piloting simulator, their navigational skills are truly put to the test – as are their sea legs! Professional navigational software and the actual mapping of Mobile Bay and the Port of Mobile were used to create this immersive experience.

El Cazador

When they step into a glass-bottom boat, visitors are treated to a 3-D underwater animation that recounts the extraordinary story of El Cazador, a Spanish galleon that sunk in the Gulf of Mexico in 1784.

Junior Mariners

Kids of all ages hop on board a ship and see themselves on monitors sailing alongside sharks, windsurfers, and even a pirate ship captained by Blackbeard himself!

Extreme Storms

In this immersive interactive experience, visitors assume the role of a National Weather Service emergency manager during an impending hurricane. Their task: to ensure the safety of millions of Gulf Coast residents.

America’s Sea

Visitors explore the history, commerce, and environment of the Gulf of Mexico on this impressive, multi-user interactive map.