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Malek West Point Visitors Center

Highland Falls, NY

The United States Military Academy at West Point is tasked with educating the Army’s next generation of leaders. Monadnock Media collaborated with Steve Feldman Design to create a series of powerful media experiences that showcase the rich history and tradition of West Point and its far-sighted mission to prepare the Army’s future leaders for 21st century challenges.

“The entirety of West Point is a leadership lab for cadets.”
COL Nicolas Gist

Steve Feldman Design
7,000 sq. ft.

  • Media Design
  • Production
  • A/V System Design
  • Tech Systems Oversight
  • Installation

Featured Components

National Treasure Theater

Entering this theater, visitors see a stone facade with an arched portal, echoing the gothic buildings at West Point. Projected inside the arch, the program begins by exploring the Academy’s past. Unexpectedly, the stone walls begin to move, revealing a wide-screen 4K projection. The pace picks up, now reflecting the modern Academy: forward-thinking and committed to training the next generation of “leaders of character.”

Grad Guides

The Grad Guides  video programs appear at various points in the Visitors Center exhibits, each one covering a different stage in the cadets’ four years, from Plebe to commissioned Lieutenant. Featuring four graduates, these videos take a personal look at how West Point prepares cadets to lead through academics, military/physical training, and character building.

West Point Translation Apps

The Malek West Point Visitors Center receives visitors from all around the world. A website app for mobile devices offers translations of selected exhibit text in French, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese, and Korean.