Our Philosophy

At Monadnock, we choose projects that allow us to tell stories that celebrate and uplift unheard voices. We seek to diversify the narratives people experience in museums and historic sites. And we challenge ourselves to think and act in ways that reflect a commitment to racial equity and social justice, both personally and professionally.

Our People

Everyone at Monadnock loves museums. In fact, museum media is all we do. And we enjoy our work, especially the collaborative process. In every project we strive to open up hearts and minds to the diversity and complexity of the human experience.

Steve Bressler

Creative Director & Founder

Alan Hoff

Executive Director

Jacob Bashista

Development Manager

Beth Eisdorfer


Rhys Glennon

Interactive Project Manager/Production Assistant

Peter King

Interactive Media Designer/Developer

Claudia Levin

Senior Producer

Tracy Litwin

Senior Producer

Nilou Maleki

Graphic Designer

Ryan Nestor

Director of Technology

Roisin Quinn

Operations Manager

Judy Stern

Associate Producer

Mat Woods

Animation/Visual Effects Designer

MONADNOCK \muh-nad-nock \

Hard to pronounce. Tough to spell. Full of meaning.

  1. A mountain in New Hampshire.
  2. Geology: A hill or mountain standing high above the surrounding terrain.
  3. Since 1980, a company that stands out in the museum media landscape.

[Origin: Algonquian monadnock < mountain who stands alone]