Media experience design IS exhibit design

That's why we begin with Media Master Planning. It’s integral to the museum or gallery design process. It informs the exhibit story arc, the theming and shape of the galleries, and the building architecture.

We create a variety of original media experiences that speak to museums’ diverse audiences and communities. The goal: to slow down visitors and deeply engage them.

Diving deeply into content and brainstorming with the team ensures that the museum’s messages and themes shape the media form.

Weaving together storytelling, technology and exhibit design, we create media-driven environments that transport visitors to another place, another time.

We know designing a new museum or gallery is challenging.

But we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Getting to know the Monadnock staff was a grand pleasure. I’m in awe of their work and work ethic. Their media work continues to be a highlight of the Cultural Center!
Stacey Halfmoon, Senior Director
Choctaw Cultural Center