Malek West Point Visitors Center

A series of powerful media experiences showcase the rich history and tradition of West Point and its mission to educate the Army’s future leaders.

Steve Feldman Design
Highland Falls, NY, USA
7,000 sq. ft.

Media Master Planning

Exhibit Design Collaboration

Media Experience Design & Production

Digital Interactive Design & Development

Tech Systems Design & Oversight

Immersive Theater Design

National Treasure Theater

Immersive Theater

Movable stone walls create a surprising transition and reveal why West Point is a “national treasure.”

Duty, Honor, Country

Multi-Screen Projection

This is an inspiring introduction to the West Point mission and program.

Translation App

Mobile App

Selected exhibit text is translated into French, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese, and Korean.

Grad Guides

Narrative Video

Four graduates describe their West Point experience, from their first day to becoming a commissioned officer.