Choctaw Cultural Center

Monadnock worked closely with the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma to create multimedia experiences that tell the tribe’s story in their own words and convey their culture and worldview.

Design Division, Inc.
Durant, OK, USA
24,500 sq. ft.

Media Master Planning

Exhibit Design Collaboration

Media Experience Design & Production

Digital Interactive Design & Development

Tech Systems Design & Oversight

Immersive Theater Design

Often the Native American story is documented by non-tribal members. This is the first time in our history that we get to tell our story from our perspective.
– Chief Gary Batton

Moundville Model

Multimedia Experience

Complex projections animate both a model of Moundville and a mural on the wall above it. Three interactive stations and a show mode combine to chronicle the story of Moundville’s people, and how their culture lives on in the Choctaw and other tribes today.

We Are Choctaw

Orientation Theater

Projection-mapped on a basket-weave texture, this program presents a compelling portrait of a contemporary tribe that maintains their cultural traditions and worldview.

Hickory Grove

Digital Interactive

Three AR stations allow visitors to see through a Choctaw lens to explore the species of their Mississippi homeland.

Creation Stories

Multimedia Experience

Shadows cast by sculptures come to life to tell three different origin stories of the Choctaw Tribe.

Treaty Theater

Immersive Theater

To recount the history of the Choctaw Nation's many treaties with the United States, we created a space that could transform from a meeting room in the Capitol to the forests of Mississippi.