Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum

The newly renovated Truman Library & Museum takes a fresh look at the President’s life and legacy. Monadnock’s one-of-a-kind media installations underscore the challenges Truman confronted during that crucial period in history, many of which continue to have an impact today.

Gallagher & Associates
Independence, MO, USA
14,000 sq. ft.

Media Master Planning

Exhibit Design Collaboration

Media Experience Design & Production

Digital Interactive Design & Development

Tech Systems Design & Oversight

Immersive Theater Design

The Cold War

Immersive Theater

Crumbling debris and rubble litter the intimate theater, transporting visitors into a destroyed European city after WWII. Using vivid imagery and dramatic lighting effects on all surfaces of the theater, the program presents a visceral and fraught story of Truman’s efforts to contain communism.

Truman's Loyalty-Security Program

Digital Interactive

This multi-player experiential interactive subjects visitors to the paranoia and fear-mongering of the Red Scare, underscoring the ongoing tension between national security and individual liberty.

An Unlikely President

Orientation Theater

Who is Harry Truman? This is the question many Americans were asking when Truman assumed the presidency in the wake of FDR’s death. The many challenges Truman faced when he assumed the presidency are brought to life in this panoramic walk-through experience.

Berlin Airlift

Digital Interactive

Using clever animations and infographics, this interactive explores the complex logistics that went into providing food and fuel to West Berliners during the Berlin Blockade - the first major international crisis of the Cold War.