Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

With the participation of local people who were part of the struggle, Monadnock designed and produced the media exhibits in this unflinching portrayal of the civil rights movement.

Hilferty & Associates
Jackson, MS, USA
17,000 sq. ft.

Media Master Planning

Exhibit Design Collaboration

Media Experience Design & Production

Digital Interactive Design & Development

Tech Systems Design & Oversight

Immersive Theater Design

Going through the museum of my history, I wept because I felt the blows, I felt the bullets, I felt the tears. I felt the cries. But I also sensed the hope.
– Myrlie Evers-Williams

American Alliance of Museums MUSE Award Winner

Freedom Summer

Immersive Theater

Former SNCC leaders and volunteers recall their fear and their hope as they worked to bring freedom to Mississippi – and the country.

March to Freedom

Digital Interactive

Visitors confront the real-world challenges people faced in the aftermath of civil rights victories, such as school desegregation, equal employment, or voting rights.

American Alliance of Museums MUSE Award Winner

Chaney Goodman Schwerner

Immersive Theater

The intentionally skewed and distorted projection illustrates the tragic story of three young civil rights workers lynched by the KKK during Freedom Summer.

Separate Is Not Equal

Immersive Theater

A divided classroom, highlighting the disparities between black and white schools, confronts visitors with the devastating effects of segregation.