National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico

Filled with one-of-a-kind interactive experiences, GulfQuest is a fascinating dive into the rich maritime history and culture of the Gulf Coast and Mobile Bay.

Lyons/Zaremba Inc.
Mobile, AL, USA
35,000 sq. ft.

Media Master Planning

Exhibit Design Collaboration

Media Experience Design & Production

Digital Interactive Design & Development

Tech Systems Design & Oversight

Immersive Theater Design

Port of Victory Theater

Immersive Theater

Dramatic lighting, sound and fog effects evoke a busy shipyard during the industrial boom of WWII.

Deep Explorer

Digital Interactive

Visitors pilot a virtual submersible to explore the wonders of coral reefs and shipwrecks in the Gulf of Mexico.

GulfQuest Theater

Immersive Theater

A colorful tapestry of panoramic images and local voices captures the vibrant culture of the Gulf Coast.

Great Gulf Challenge

Digital Interactive

A multiplayer game poses a challenge for our times – how do you bring the Gulf of Mexico’s environmental, economic and energy needs into balance?

Take the Helm


Visitors test their piloting skills as they navigate through Mobile Bay’s busy port and stormy seas.